5 Biases that Hinder Service Marketing

5 Biases That Hinder Service Marketing

service marketing servitization May 03, 2021

Michael Blumberg joins Sarah Nicastro on the Future of Field Service podcast and shares his insight on the biases that hinder effective service marketing. He lists the five areas of bias: the OEM, service delivery, product, pricing, and infrastructure bias.

Michael explains the multiple facets of each bias, highlighting the notions that the management of different service businesses he's worked with tend to hold on to. He points out that service businesses have difficulty marketing their offers because they assume that they already have a captive market or that their services only exist to drive product sales. These businesses fail to address their product portfolios, the quality and value of services they provide, and many others. Michael advises that perception is important, that looking at the big picture consider all angles and possibilities will provide insight into why a product is not selling.

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