The Impact of Augmented Reality on Subcontractor Field Service Performance

A subcontracted or blended workforce is simply the “new normal” for most field service organizations today. New augmented reality self-solve and remote assist tools present new alternatives for upskilling and enhancing performance for third party frontline professionals.

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The Optimal Last Mile Support Tool for Reducing
the Cost of Downtime

In recent years, the concept of Zero Unplanned Downtime has emerged. And now, most organizations across industries indicate that this outcome is now a top priority (or the number one priority) for their company.

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Special Report: Installed Base Platforms

This whitepaper specifically highlights the trends & challenges that Industrial OEMs face when attempting to monetize the value of their Installed Base through recurring service revenue. It also outlines an emerging technology being adopted widely by Industrials in the form of an Installed Base Platform to address those challenges and optimize both revenues and profits in the Aftermarket.

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Sustainable Service Supply Chains: How ready are you? 

The Aftermarket Service Industry presents a unique opportunity to improve sustainability. The desire to reduce environmental impact is present, but the
lack of systems and processes slows supply chain sustainability and readiness.


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CX: The New Driver For Optimizing Reverse Logistics Operations

As organizations look beyond streamlining reverse logistics operations to improve revenue and margins, customer experience has emerged as the primary driver of future gains. This whitepaper examines three key drivers of this refocused effort on reverse logistics.

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Augmented Reality: The Optimal Tool for Supporting a Densely Populated Install Base

With so many challenges facing Field Service Organizations, it's good to know that there is a business solution that can improve conditions and minimize the chance of complications. Augmented Reality is an optimal tool for supporting a densely populated install base.


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The  Ultimate Best Practices in Extended Warranty Management 

Product sales and sales growth are essential, to be sure. But aftermarket service and customer satisfaction have become increasingly crucial measurements in the past two to three decades. Indeed, whole new software industries have emerged to help manage and track and aftermarket service and customer satisfaction levels.

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A Guide To Maximizing Service Revenue Through Investment In Remote Visual Assistance Technology

Remote Visual Assistance plays an essential role in redefining field service best practices from operational excellence and a go-to-market perspective.

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Solving End User Reluctance to New Technology
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Product Returns Avoidance:

Strategies for Reducing Product Returns in the Computer & Consumer Electronics Industry

Visual assistance powered by AR and Computer Vision is an emerging technology that manufacturers and retailers can deploy across their support organizations to reduce or eliminate product returns due to technical or user issues.

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Spare Parts Management Software State of the Art Benchmark Evaluation

This report aims to define the core feature-functionality found within a state-of-the-art SPM solution and provide an independent benchmark evaluation and profiling of vendors based on feature-functionality, vertical market focus, core competencies, use cases, and current and planned innovations.

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Spare Parts Management Software
Service Marketing Mastery

Knowledge & Insight to Grow Your Service Business

FREE 12-page whitepaper provides strategic guidance on how to increase service revenue, boost profits, and build a thriving product-service business.

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