Augmented Reality

The Optimal Tool for Supporting a Densely Populated Installed Base

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Supporting a densely populated installed base creates unique challenges from a knowledge, training, and performance perspective. As with all challenges, they can either refine your strategy or define your failure. Before these struggles arise, implementing Augmented Reality (AR) strategically in your company helps you to be proactive instead of reactive.


Organizations that support a densely populated installed base, such as call centers and field service departments, have a high concentration of experienced and skilled staff members. They possess a wealth of knowledge about the products they support and the customers they serve. These seasoned professionals are masters at what they do because they have been doing it for so long. Unfortunately, they will ultimately retire.


Typically, they will be replaced by less experienced technicians. Upskilling new employees is one of the most significant challenges for call centers and field service team managers whose mission is to bring the new team members up to the competence level of the highly skilled personnel that are leaving the organization. In order to maintain company standards and keep a high level of customer satisfaction, this must be done fast and efficiently.


At Blumberg Advisory Group, we are experienced in assisting field service organizations with densely populated installed bases like yours, to rise above these struggles and turn them into successes. We provide solutions and strategies based on a realistic approach to your goals.


AR is often used because of its superiority. It's flexible, economical, and easy to use. It reduces the skills gap that may be posing a problem for your organization. This technology also enhances real-time communication using both audio and video techniques so that the expert can see what the less experienced technician sees and vice versa. This capability helps the less-skilled, new employee perform their job like an expert.


Employees are not only retiring, but some are also changing jobs because of burnout. Generally, the most often overworked employees are the most skilled. Companies cannot afford to lose these valuable staff members. However, they're not sure how to keep them satisfied by protecting their mental health.


Employers work very hard to fill the gaps by recruiting, hiring, and training the right people for the job. With labor shortages, this can be difficult. In a densely populated install base, if your teams and technicians are not operating with optimal efficiency then your customer service experiences can plummet. These technicians respond to multiple service requests each day. This can create a lot of stress and anxiety.


Once again, AR provides a remedy. This technology can improve technician efficiency and enhance customer satisfaction by as much as 30%. Creating less stress in the atmosphere of your organization improves morale. The goal is to facilitate remote support fixes so that the job is less stressful, and the technicians can become more productive.


At Blumberg Advisory Group we are leading experts on field service. Our trusted team of advisers can improve all your field service operations. Our mission is to help companies like yours, manage service as a strategic profit center and rise above current challenges. If you are ready to improve your operations, we are ready to position your company to maximize efficiency.







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