New Advancements in Field Service

Mar 01, 2022

Virtual Field Service

During the pandemic, many companies worldwide used Augmented Reality to create Remote Assistance and Visual Collaboration to support their customers from afar. However, some companies are yet to embrace this technology to resolve technical and equipment breakdowns.

The good news; with the correct information and application of future-forward strategies, you and your team can gladly navigate an unpredictable market. With the help of an expert, your team can remotely receive and superimpose instructions, diagrams, and video annotations to resolve an equipment issue (including home appliances, medical devices, elevators, and more). The question: How is this possible? Read on to know more.

The Power of Remote Assistance and Visual Collaboration

Augmented Reality is an excellent way for equipment manufacturers to communicate with their customers, even those at great distances. This software allows you to troubleshoot problems remotely via remote assistance, and visual collaboration technology can dramatically change the affairs of your business.

You can utilize an augmented reality tablet interface through audio and video calling to get live technical support on any device or operating system. In addition, experts can share their expertise with users who can’t travel and can’t bring their equipment with them.

Adopting this technology also means less time spent trying to diagnose issues remotely. In addition, these advancements help decrease complexity for remote customers because there is no need for software updates or multiple configurations. It eliminates rework and improves quality for those experiencing technical challenges.

Stay Two Steps Ahead of Your Competitors

Staying on top of technology by upgrading and embracing new platforms is critical for success. Digital tools, such as smartphone apps and tablets, are already being embraced by many field service organizations.

But, there is still a long way to go before it becomes pervasive in day-to-day business operations. As a result, some companies may think they have no choice but to make some investment—especially if they think it’s necessary to stay competitive.

For others, however, concerns about cost or resistance to change might keep them from adopting modern technologies faster than they need to. It might be worth considering how significant these investments are because even a few years can exponentially impact customer experience and employee productivity.

That’s why it’s vital to ensure your company prepares for any significant event by having reliable Remote Assistance and Visual Collaboration infrastructure in place. In addition, establishing an efficient system to resolve issues with your equipment after a technical breakdown remotely can enable your company to get back on its feet after an emergency.

If you haven’t considered how your business would cope if a significant incident took out your servers, network equipment, or building, now might be a good time to start.

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