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Market Research - The Foundation for a Successful Service Growth Strategy

aftermarket service growth strategy market research product-service Jan 24, 2023

Market research is a key part of developing a growth strategy for any product or service business. Many companies neglect market research, believing that they already know what their customers want and need. This can be a costly mistake. Research shows that companies that invest in market research are more successful and outperform those that don’t.

Market research helps businesses understand their customers better. By researching customer needs and wants, companies can target specific segments and develop strategies to meet those needs. It also provides insights into the competitive landscape and industry trends that can help guide a company’s strategy. In addition to gathering valuable information about customers and competitors, market research also helps identify opportunities for growth.

To understand the importance of market research for developing a growth strategy, let’s look at some facts:

  • According to a survey by AT Kearney, 94% of executives said that understanding customer insights was an important part of driving growth.
  • 70% of executives felt that market research gave them an edge over competitors.
  •  70% of executives said their decision-making was more informed and accurate due to market research.

These figures clearly demonstrate the importance of market research in driving growth. Without it, companies are flying blind. Companies that make decisions without doing market research are at a significant disadvantage and may make costly mistakes.

“Businesses have access to more data than ever before, yet many are still making decisions without using that data to inform their decisions,” said David Aaker, professor emeritus of marketing strategy at the University of California at Berkeley. “The need for accurate market research to inform decision-making has never been greater.”

A company’s growth strategy should be based on hard data, not guesswork. Market research can provide detailed insights into customer needs, preferences, and behaviors, as well as the competitive landscape. When done properly, market research can provide a comprehensive view of the market and provide valuable insights that can help a company develop a robust growth strategy.

There are several types of market research techniques that companies can use to gather relevant data. These include surveys, focus groups, interviews, online analytics, and more. The type of research will depend on the goals of the research and the resources available.

Once the research is complete, it is important to analyze the data. Insights should be identified, trends should be noted, and any opportunities for growth should be researched further. This analysis will help shape the growth strategy and guide the company’s decision-making.

In conclusion, market research is an important part of developing a growth strategy for any product or service business. Companies that invest in market research are better equipped to identify customer needs, understand the competitive landscape, and identify opportunities for growth. By using data to drive decisions, companies can develop a strong and effective growth strategy that will set them up for success.


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