A Look Through the Maximizing Service Revenue Whitepaper

Nov 24, 2021

For decades, many field service organizations or FSOs have been aiming to reduce their truck rolls and improve their first-time fix rates. Many businesses implement strategies to help with these, such as telephone troubleshooting and Knowledge Management Systems. However, these two can only do so much. Some problems might be too complicated for the customer to describe in telephone troubleshooting and setting up a KMS takes time, resources, and capital to implement.

A new practice is emerging in field service operations where innovative FSOs are utilizing Augmented Reality tools to provide customers with a Remote Visual Assistance (RVA) experience. RVA technology can resolve problems remotely and identify parts and skills needed to fix the issue when it requires an onsite dispatch. It does this by providing a visual display of the customer’s equipment, allowing the technician to see the problem directly.

With this innovative technology, you can reduce costs and generate new revenue. By solving issues remotely, there’s less talk time, fewer product returns, and fewer truck rolls. Plus, RVA can help the technician identify the spare parts needed to fix the issue. These benefits can reduce overhead, operating, and logistics costs.

Moreover, RVA can also generate new sources of revenue by promoting it as a value-added feature with a premium fee. Because RVA leads to faster response times and resolution, customers would be more willing to pay a premium for this improved level of service.

Investing in RVA technology could be a gamechanger for your field service business. If you want to know more about monetizing RVA and adopting it into your operations, you can read our latest whitepaper on the topic. Plus, it’s completely free. Click the link below to download our free whitepaper.

A Guide To Maximizing Service Revenue Through Investment In Remote Visual Assistance Technology

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