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Sep 21, 2021

Strategic plans often find hindrances during the execution phase. These challenges are even tougher when they call for a complete transformation.

To take an organization from good to great phase, it often requires an external consultant to provide operational solutions to the digital problems.

As a leader in the field of service marketing, we have found that change is even harder when there are no competitors, no problems to resolve, and no threats to overcome.
Therefore, business leaders need to continuously challenge their employees and provide hindrances for massive change and transformation.

Service marketing is the area that provides manufacturers with opportunities to boost both customer value and revenue. It enables them to offer their products as services, which makes a lot of sense to them.

In many cases, customers don’t want to purchase a product these days; they want the value or outcome that the product provides and are willing to pay for that value or outcome.

However, Manufacturers that successfully shift to service marketing instead of anything else, are also improving the reliability and uptime of their products, helping customers make operational improvements, selling new product capabilities, and increasing revenue.

It is a known fact that service marketing is catching on rapidly in manufacturing circles. Adopting it as a business model provides manufacturers with opportunities to boost both customer value and revenue.


Successful strategic transformation happens when you put out constant efforts on multiple fronts.

After developing new technologies, redesigning business models, introducing advanced measures, and giving extensive training altogether makes it easy for you to accelerate exponentially as a business.

Blumberg Advisory Group accelerates strategic transformation through redesigning and reinventing service. Our main focus through which a business creates a competitive advantage in the market are as follows:
• Market research
• Revenue maximization
• Mergers and acquisition
• Service optimization

Few companies decide to adapt service marketing only because their old strategies fail miserably. They turn to service leaders to revise their strategies without being forced by financial trauma.

Companies that can radically change their ways of doing things and then reclaim leading positions in their industries are the exception rather than the rule.
Even less common are those companies that are able to anticipate a new set of requirements and mobilize the internal and external resources necessary to meet them.

Thus, to maintain existing revenue streams, deliver seamless customer service and enable internal operations, we provide our clients with the right strategies and with the right business model. By implementing such models, the firm strives for new pathways and walks on the path of success.

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