Key Drivers for Streamlining the Reverse Logistics Operations

Dec 28, 2021

Efficiency is the name of the game when it comes to streamlining reverse logistics for durable goods product manufacturers. The processes, which include the return, repair, refurbishment, and disposal of products, have always been an important area of focus for the industry. But in today’s environment, internal initiatives that involve cutting down on costs and streamlining these processes are not enough.

Instead, manufacturers need to assess how their customer-facing strategies relating to RL affect their ability to scale their RL chain operations.

In this new effort to optimize RL operations, Blumberg Advisory looks at its three key drivers:

  •  Advantages of a Circular Business Economy: Optimizing the processes for customer experience helps an organization with meeting its sustainability goals while improving inventory holding and cycle times
  •  Challenges of Current Infrastructure: The available ERP and supply chain management solutions have different applications that do not possess the logical flow to provide robust reporting and analysis.
  •  Depot Repair Management to Improve CX: Depot repair can be a key touchpoint for CX as a service offering during the warranty and extended warranty period.

Michael Blumberg of Blumberg Advisory expounds on these three key drivers in regards to optimizing RL operations for the customer experience in his recent whitepaper, sponsored by Mize, a company that provides SaaS solutions to manufacturers. You can read this whitepaper for free by clicking on the link below.

 CX: The New Driver for Optimizing Reverse Logistics Operations


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