Advancing Service Together: Spotlight on the Upcoming Field Service USA 2022 Conference

Apr 07, 2022

The Impact of Digitalization

Everyone knows that Digitalization is reshaping the industry and human culture, but what exactly does this mean for you and your team?

 Digitization means adopting automated manufacturing processes, augmented reality instructions when working on equipment (including maintenance support), dashboards tracking assets across multiple geographies, predictive analytics for preparing for future failures, and more.

 The trends have a seismic impact on service organizations and their ability to deliver value. It is enabling new levels of collaboration, extending delivery to those who previously could not get it, and increasing the speed of delivery.

 It enhances an organization's ability to anticipate needs, provide relevant and timely offerings, reduce cost and risk of failure by doing things smarter and differently.

Marketplace Demands Innovation 

The fact is, the emerging trends in Digitization are here to stay. It has already delivered more than many promises and shows no signs of slowing down. Customer experience, innovation, and growth; are all elements that will impact service differently in different industries.

Today, the marketplace demands innovation for survival; businesses need to improve customer experience and add real value or perish.

Businesses are turning digital in multiple ways, applying it to more than just communication and advertising tactics and business processes. The question is, how can you and your organization join the moving trend? Learn more in the forthcoming event.

Training Strategies in a Tight Labor Market

Bringing in top talent from all walks of life, regardless of gender, race, sexual orientation, or background, can foster innovation and diversity of thought. It can also reveal new approaches to age-old problems.

In a labor market that's tight because there aren't enough workers available to fill vacant positions, we often hear about employers having to go to great lengths—referred to as doing whatever it takes—to recruit and retain employees.

Faced with short-staffed teams, companies invest extensively in training, equipment, and perks. The end goal is typically more engaged employees who stick around for years. That kind of buy-in tends to translate into better outcomes.

With greater diversity comes a broader range of knowledge, experience, and fresh perspectives.

By focusing on diversity and inclusion, your company can discover innovative ways to fill its talent pipeline. Learn more at the forthcoming event.

Emerging Trends in Digitalization

Instead of addressing problems after they occur in field service operations, we should be doing predictive service to address issues before they occur.

Emerging trends in Digitalization can support people and equipment-based FMS (field maintenance service) providers to improve operational efficiency by enabling more effective tracking and faster issue resolution that eliminates the human factor (errors).  

Today, most digitally mature firms use digitalization tools like augmented reality, AI/ML, and IoT-enabled predictive maintenance solutions to achieve their goals and satisfy their clients. These tools reduce service downtime, improve first-time fix rates, and help resolve problems before they occur.   As a result, they cut down on operating costs and help with sustainability because they optimize resource utilization.  

Digitalization will make your position transparent and easy to manage wherever you are in the supply chain. A company may think mobile application or cloud technology is sufficient, but they can still benefit from combining both technologies.

Discover More About Digitalization, Recruitment Retention, and Much More in Three Days (April 26-28) Summit

Many businesses want to hear what they can do better, and this event promises to be a life-changing experience. If you are good and want to be great, this is a meeting for you.

You will learn how service leaders support, help, and serve customers better to ensure a positive customer experience during the event. The panel discussions and presentations will also focus on The Integration of Field Service, Customer Service & Data Analytics Teams, The Impact of Digitalization on the Future of Service Strategy, Delivery & Value Augmentation, and Recruitment, Retention, & Training Strategies a Tight Labor Market.

This event is also open to organizations that want to align their business strategies with their technical services or field support department.

This program will challenge you to learn new ways of thinking about what it takes to deliver actual business value when facing complex problems. The information presented will build you personally, professionally, and career-wise.

You can expand your network and learn from other professionals in your field. Rest assured, you'll take home dozens of best practices that you can apply directly to help you get more out of technology in a way that's right for your company. Sign up today for free.

Blumberg Advisory Group is a media partner of Field Service USA. We cordially invite you to join the event sponsors and other Like-Minded field service experts—signup for an unforgettable experience.

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